About Us

We are a secret community of hackers that intend to make money by helping people with things they are not able to get access to.
The services we offer are included below

Private key generator

We would walk you through the process of generating your private key. Getting a private key for funds can mean you have gained full access to the funds of that wallet and can control everything there…….

Fake bitcoin

Do you want to send fake bitcoin to your friends for pranks?. Be able to send up to 500$ BTC to your friends and family members using our fake coins desktop app. These coins disappear after several days but can not be used for transitions

bitcoin mining

Using this tool you stand a chance if get free bitcoin of close to 500$ to 6000$ daily. working with your pc or mobile device bitcoin can be mined.

Fully Scalable

Up to 45% of a merchant’s budget is spent on commissions charged by a number of brokers, including banks, payment systems, advertising.

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funds recovered

Thanks to us recovering funds for wallets has been made faster and easy contact us now why hesitate 

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Our site is secure by an SSL certificate render from Positive SSL security service. our certificate trust logo can be seen below which shows our site is secured and can be trusted



Our sole purpose is to help those who can not get access to their coin. using cryptocurrencies has been so popular that people get into dealing with them without even know what it takes. we are a group of crypto hackers who is out to help people who lost their funds and are not able to gain their private key cause they didn’t know it exists probably. Bring to us your problems and we are always there to help your 

Best Choices

Having an idea of your password would help us more efficiently to get retrieve your password. The least information you can get us would be very  important while recovering your private key, Few words from your backup phrase would do us good 

Up to 45% of a merchant’s budget is spent on commissions charged by a number of broke.

These tokens use a standard coin API so your contract will be automatically compatible with any wallet.

Using a blockchain is cryptographically secure – the ledger is distributed across all nodes in.